Frontier Town

DSC_5027 (2)_marked
No one noticed the tall dark stranger walking through town. It was Soot, gun for hire. They would soon find out that he was going to clean up this rootin tootin kitten town.

16 thoughts on “Frontier Town”

      1. Yeah, what with his John Wayne walk, his devil-may-care nonchalance, and proclivity for chewing heads off grasshoppers and spitting them to the ground. One tough kitty!

  1. Don’t bother that Sheriff and his posse, you’ll be regretting it fur life. You ain’t seen what these el gauchos’ can do with a lasso. Their spurs are the real attack masters, though. Everbody just turn around now, and there won’t be no trouble. One last bit of info: RUN FUR YER LIVES! Go now!!!

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