Caturday After Xmas

Caturday After Xmas
Kitty Whiskers: “Hey look! They’re playing with blue wrapping paper!”
Soot: “Cool! Let’s grab it.”

19 thoughts on “Caturday After Xmas”

  1. So sweet! Yesterday it was a free for all at this place. I wrap my glass and treasured ornaments separately in tissue at the end of tree time. Rico, my orange tabby, has a “thing” for plastic, so much so that we sometimes refer to him as our, “Plastic-Lick-Licker.”
    I recently received an article that said scientist aren’t so sure these days that dogs and cats don’t see colors. They sight them differently then we humans do. My verdict is still out on this assessment. I have a cat studying Opthamology. His thesis involves the stimula bonding of cornea and retina functionalility.

      1. It was PURRfect- well, kinda- those moron humans stayed gone ALL FLIPPIN DAY at the Creature’s house- but i got spoiled ROTTEN when they came home- new toys and ribbons too!! 😸

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