Degrees of Comparison

Little Orca
Mini Orca had gone through every geometry book he could get his little paws on, but he still couldn’t figure out why, he was sitting upright and the window was at a 30 degree incline.

30 thoughts on “Degrees of Comparison”

  1. Ohhh emmm geeee! MINI ORCA! How much cuteness you have in your house! How are you able to survive and not die from cute overload!?!????

    I want to scoop up Mini Orca and smooch him (him???) to pieces. If this is Mini Orca does that mean you have a Maxi Orca or Orca, Sr. or just Orca???

    I have to take a break before I pass out from the cuteness. โค

      1. Of course I’d like to adopt that little bundle of love … but my poor Teddy Bear was already traumatized by the addition of my own little Dust Bunny to the house. He’d probably die of a broken heart if I added more cuteness to our house … plus my husband has a strict rule of no more cats than humans in this house … means I’d have to add more people in the house so we could increase the cat population. Right now it’s 2 humans and 2 cats.

        I KNOW that little ball of extraordinariness (is that a word?) will find a good home. Of course, the new owner(s) will probably die from how cute he is!

      2. But your cats also go OUTSIDE … so that cuts the real cat population down to what … a 1/3 or a 1/2? So, really it’s like it’s really more like 3.5 cats per person in your household. My kitties are indoor only … their adoption contracts made me agree to this.

      3. I can’t imagine sleeping with so much cat goodness. It must be like furry purry warm heaven! โค

        Hopefully your wife isn't going through menopause with all the cats because she'd be burning up at night! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      4. Oh, I get that too! I have one cat pin me on one side and the other on the other. One cat sets anchor and he won’t budge … the little dust bunny will move if prodded enough … but EIGHT (or so) cats! Your poor wife must truly be pinned in! Pinned in to furry goodness — that is!

        Can you tell I like cats or do I need to be more expressive of my felines … I mean feelings? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      5. No my cat is not names Dust Bunny, but looks like Dust Bunny … a younger smaller version. We did talk about it. Dust Bunnies are great aren’t they? Mine has the BEST fur! It’s weird, wild and waterproof! I think he was supposed to catch sewer rats but instead is my indoor kitty. You can find him on my blog in spots …

  2. It’s not nice to trick a Tuxedo. Poor fella studied hard and still is as bewildered as i am. (Psst…Hey Little One, blame it on the photographer. If that doesn’t work, blame it on that “New Math”)… Happy New Year to all!

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