Blaze in a Box

Blaze in a Box
When we opened the box we were thrilled that nothing was broken. A little squished, but that was alright, for now we could play the new addition of Blaze in a Box. Brought to you by the good people at Scammo.

28 thoughts on “Blaze in a Box”

      1. Yeah, got it in german, handed it out to a new catowner-family – together with a more scientific book. The women of the family read the more text-based one – the men preferred this!

      2. It’s really funny, that might have helped. The vet, for example, is called a “service provider” …
        Another quote: Up to recent times cats have been thought to be in-/outdoor systems only or even only outdoor systems.
        Instead of talking about food they talk about fuel and so on – I really like it for it’s tone.

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