Fields of Cats

20131229_104029_HDR_1 (3)
Walk the narrow path
where flower gardens flourished
hiding fields of cats
Paws now crunch the snow
wondering why winter winds
freeze our barren ends.

by Floridaborne

30 thoughts on “Fields of Cats”

  1. 2 questions – 1a. do you open the door and the cats all fly out or do you throw them out one by one and 1b. do they all come back in together or do you have to hunt them down?
    2. what name did you settle on for your horse statue/sculpture?

    1. Q1) I have an enclosed porch, winterized porch. I installed a kitty flap for them to go in or out as they please. I do a head count at night and they usually all are in at this time of year. (This also accounts for the 4 or 5 extra cats that spend the night, that I’ve never met. πŸ˜‰

      Q2) No I never did settle on a name! Thanks for reminding me. I’ll have to get back on that!

      1. My Toby came to me by way of a pregnant momma cat that was a surprise overnight guest of a coworker. She came in through the doggie door and proceeded to have 5 kittens in the closet. The coworker kept her until all the kittens had found homes and then gave her away to someone else. I’m so glad momma cat picked that house to have her kits in!

      1. It is just plain cold here this week. I think the actual temp is only about ten or less, but the stiff wind from the north is making it well below zero. Too darn cold for me! Makes it hard on the livestock too. So far they are fairing well. I stay in the house unless I NEED to go out. Which I will have to later in the day to check on water tanks before my husband gets home from work. Although it is staying lighter now than it was. πŸ™‚

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