The Weather Cat

Orca & Charcoal
“Well everyone, the weather does not look good for today. Freezing cold temperatures and another big pile of snow coming your way! Best to just stay indoors…”

32 thoughts on “The Weather Cat”

  1. Are you flaked out on a beach towel? Can we assume the rest of the house is “sea-like”…sandy floors with little crabs running across peeps sneakers. The tide coming in from outside would make a beautiful picture.


      1. Hi Tom,

        I zipped a note to floridaborne and thanked everyone, but I’d like to bow out, having already been gifted with my t-shirt (that I love!). Please pay it forward and thanks for offering such an uplifting site for us to visit. We viewers are spoiled!๐Ÿ˜˜

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