Petunia came to the realization that even with the camouflage suit, sitting here was completely and utterly pointless.

24 thoughts on “Camouflage”

      1. Your smiley face tells me a lot. Very well done reply. I Love it. I am a cat and dog person too.

      2. I prefer cats over dogs. They are better long term house pets in self care. bath themselves, potty train better and more conducive to my nose cleaning up after them. Much quieter too.

      3. 18 and you still think you have them? I couldn’t do it well. I could have 2 dogs before 2 cats. They own everything in the house. We have to meet sometime. You have to be a great time. It takes a great sense of humor to have 18. I envy you already. You have to be fun people! A crowd included for sure.

      4. LOL Thank you. It certainly isn’t quiet around here and yes you do need a sense of humor and a bit of an imagination. For example, I work from home and in order to reduce the number of times a cat runs across/flops down/claws at a key,on my laptop, I added an additional laptop as a decoy. πŸ˜‰

  1. Looks like a warm place to sit when the suns out. The birds aren’t going into the little house till Spring, Petunia. We have watched our Bird TV and I’d say the birds are avoiding this area completely.


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