Goin’ Tobogganin’!

Blaze has help getting bundled up for a wild day of tobogganing.

53 thoughts on “Goin’ Tobogganin’!”

  1. That bow tie mustache wins me over EVERY time…I really think Blaze would enjoy North Texas. He could ice skate during, or after an ice store. I could get him a custom made pair of blades. He’s already wearing heavy duty boot socks and the finest coat. I live right close to DFW airport, I’d get him a first-class ticket. Sure, I’d be in violation of a city ordinance of having a fourth cat and I might have to give up one of my other felines…Oops. Never mind. I’ll love Blaze from a distance, ALWAYS. I’m so torn. But I don’t want to be a lawbreaker, and Gilbert, Rico and Bridget are all rescues and deeply loved. 😒

      1. I don’t think Obama would care about him being an illegal alien. He doesn’t mind us taxpayers paying for their education, housing and food when they arrive from the south. Oh to heck with politics. This game show is all about, Blade-Bow Tie Stash. πŸ˜‰ just 2cute!!!

  2. Tom, i was in an area PetsMart picking up food and litter for my three today. A cat rescue group was visiting and setting up adoptions. While visiting with a group of ladies i told them about your site. A young lady pulled it up while i was visiting and discovered Blaze. The whole group feel in love and voiced great appreciation for your efforts. You’re on the map in the DFW area of North Texas. Kudos for all your work.

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