Sunday Funnies with Tsuki

Tsuki3 (1)
Cat-toonsย is created by Elayne Griffith for Cats at the Bar.

31 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies with Tsuki”

  1. I was wondering when Tsuki was going to show up in the Sunday Funnies! Wonderful! Love it! – BTW why do cats hurl hair balls in their food? My cats do it too and it really bugs me to throw away a whole bowl of dry food because the persnickitty cats won’t touch it after there’s a hairball planted in it. But come to think of it, I can’t blame them.

      1. Think about it! Most Male cats do that … come to think about it MOST MALES of all species preen to impress and think “She’ll be back” after screwing up. I said MOST, not ALL. There are a few out there who are sincere. Present poster/company included. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. For some reason, my computer dumped most of my e-mails into “spam” over the weekend, and I almost missed this! It’s a good thing I’ve got in the habit of checking the spam messages for ones I actually want.

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