The Yeti’s Pet! Fact or Hoax?

This strange creature was photographed near footprints confirmed to be those of the Abominable Snowman or Yeti. Experts at the CATB Institute confirmed the photo is authentic. “We’re not sure what it is, but on first examination of the photo, it seems to be some kind of cat.”

28 thoughts on “The Yeti’s Pet! Fact or Hoax?”

  1. It has been suggested that my cat Nettie is related to the mysterious and elusive Yeti. After all, Nettie is partly Himalayan, so there’s a distinct possibility that she has one or more Yeti in her family tree. Occasionally she even acts like one! My girlfriend and I sometimes refer to her as “Nettie the Yeti” or “The Abominable Snowkitten” 🙂

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