Welcome to Canada

DSC_0010 (3)
Saphie: “Welcome to Canada. If you’ll just follow me, I’ll show where the litter box is buried.”

47 thoughts on “Welcome to Canada”

  1. Can’t say I miss living in Plattsburg, just the other side of the Canadian border. I’ll be a woos in Pennsylvania any day.

      1. Grew up in Plattsburg, lived in California 25+ years, and now Hershey. Plattsburg was fun as a kid…I’ll take Hershey as a adult. Just a little less snow.

  2. Saphie is gorgeous and looks well dressed for the winter wonderland.
    I once considered (many years ago) moving to Canada. Then I lived in the mountains of western North Carolina (Asheville) where in the winter I could be snowed in for days and decided that although I love four seasons I’ll deal with the Seattle rain any day. We do get a nice little dump of snow every couple of years and that’s plenty for me. And I prefer looking out the window at it. And we won’t even talk about my thoughts on ice anywhere other than as cubes in a cold drink in the summer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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