A Kitty Ditty

A Kitty Ditty
Picture me saying that
I’m merely playing at
tongue and cheek merriment
to your embarrassment.
I’m never sitting still
so you can show your skill.
this is my silly look
…now go away.

by, Floridaborne

27 thoughts on “A Kitty Ditty”

      1. There is a similr product from Lindt in the UK but rather than tongues its cat shapped cholate. I have a feeling they were worried the tongues wouldn’t sit well with english humour ;o

      2. Not sure if the last comment worked. We do have cat shaped lindt chocolate in the UK but i guess thry were worried that British people may not like the idea of cat tongues haha

    1. Thanks for partaking in the revelries of CATB. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I’ve never seen better pictures of cats than the ones taken by Tom. I’d imagine he has a house full of Diva’s just waiting their turn as the next model.

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