Wordless Wednesday

DSC_0026 (2)
Dust Bunny: “Harrumpf”
(Technically “Harrumpf” is not a word.)

35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Questions about DB:
    1) How old is he?
    2) How much does he weigh?
    3) Does he allow you to pick him up … does he like to be picked up?
    4) Does he head bump you?
    5) What is his purr like?
    6) Is he a vocal or quiet guy?

    1. My your inquisitive!
      1) 5 years old
      2) 23 pounds and stands almost to my knee in height.
      3) He’s prefers to follow me to the couch and jump up. He’s a bit like a dog, that he’ll come when I call.
      4) yes, that’s how we say “Hey” to each other. But only to me. (it’s guy thing)
      5) VERY deep. It vibrates through the floor.
      6) Quiet. I don’t think I’ve herd him meow since he was a kitten.
      Do I win a cookie? 😀

      1. He sounds so awesome! I ❤ him and don't even know him! Give him a hug, a pet or your version of a head butt for me today!

        I just love getting to know your cats even if only virtually! 🙂

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