Things to do when you’re snowed in

Saphie: “Kill table lamp – check! Jump on warm, clean laundry and shed with a vengeance – check.”

41 thoughts on “Things to do when you’re snowed in”

  1. Oh my gosh…I can’t believe this:

    I discovered this (fabulous) blog just yesterday. My father is in hospital, so our cat Shรกnti is going crazy because she misses him. Her way of showing her distress is knocking over my bedside lamp every morning from 5:30–7:00 a.m.

    And now I see your cat enjoys the same mischief?

    Well…good to see I’m not alone in the “I’ll just knock this little lamp over!” department.

    : )

    PS Beautiful photograph of a lovely cat!

      1. After a week of this “game”, I literally taped mine to the table with white electricall tape…just for the time being!

        Shรกnti managed to get the lamp shade off…but the lamp stayed put!

        =( ‘ . ‘ )=

  2. Or, sleep in the human’s favorite chair and be growly if he/she wants to have it before you are through with your beauty rest!

    (Alternative plan: use your human’s favorite chair for a scratching post and give him/her a blank stare when he/she says, “BAD KITTY!!)

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