Exclusive Interview!

SphinxCatster Magazine acquired this shocking “tell all” exclusive interview with Cats at the Bar. All the dirt, intrigue and scandals revealed by investigative reporter Brielle Pritchard.

Read it now on Catster.com 


51 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview!”

  1. Great article! I have my dogs on Dogster.com, but I didn’t ever get around to doing anything with our cats on Catster.com. Unfortunately I haven’t even been on Dogster for a long time. Too busy with other things. I do so hope I can get to come to Canada. I would love to meet you all and all of the cats. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Tom! That was a great interview. I hope you get a lot more followers. Cats at the Bar is one of my favorite blogs.

    By the way, in that photo of Dust Bunny he appears to be thinking “Wait a minute, I thought that *I* was the one who was going to be interviewed!” 🙂

    1. Himalayan Fluff Cat. No just kidding 😉 Originally his grandmother was a stray that we adopted but by his size, we were able to determine that he is part Main Coon. A very big cat breed at over 20 pounds (no fat)!
      So Sphinx is in good company. Dust Bunny and Tsuki are also both Main Coon mix and over 23 pounds. (We like are cats big, here in Canada) 😀

      1. I thought that it was a Norwegian Forest cat. I had one, and they have these “collars”, too. Greetings to your wonderful and funny cats and to Canada

  3. Congratulations on the article! Looking at so many of the cats made me realize that a great deal of your leisure time must involve cat brushes and combs.

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