Cat Style

Orange Plush
Orange Plush: “One does not simply leap to the ground. True style is to walk down, fluffed to the hilt.”

20 thoughts on “Cat Style”

  1. Talk about capturing a scene at the decisive moment! Perhaps you should bill yourself as the “Henri Catier-Bresson” (note the deleted “r”!) of cat photography!

      1. Hey, Andy just came over to bird watch out the back window, and Dougy stopped by to warm my arm and say, “Mrow!!!” (He was impressed with your photography, too, discerning young cat that he is!

  2. My lady cat used to do that, too. She ran up the birch-tree – in springtime-madness, came to a halt half-way up the trunk, took a U-turn and down she ran … Not jumped, not fell, RAN … She did that every spring!

  3. Two things: 1.) Your timing was perfect! 2.) Had I been that cat, the photo would reflect me slammed head first into the ground with my feet pointed north (try to envision an old lady torpedoed southward).

    By the way, how frozen are you by the time you make it back into the warmth of your igloo? 😉

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