Sunday Funnies

Created by Elayne Griffith
Elayne has created two valentine’s day cards, featuring Chub-Chub and the crazed Cat-dog, Shilo
To buy them click on the Cats at the Bar Shop
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37 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies”

  1. Sorry, I know those are supposed to be funny – but the last one is defo not funny. Would you like to see your daughter’s choice being dismissed as “playing hard to get”?
    What next? A rape joke?
    Sorry, not funny. I am german, I may have difficulties at detecting humour, but I am also a woman and I do want my choices to be accepted. Same as you would wish for your daughter, I am sure! When I say No I am not playing hard to get, I mean No.

    1. Fair statement and I can see what you’re saying.
      In this series however, she does in fact love Tzuki. But wishes he would be a little more refined and less a buffoon. That will be revealed next week. The body guard is in fact the crazed Cat-dog Shilo, that if you read the other cat-toons, he barks at everything.

      I take women’s rights very seriously. My father is in fact is working on a book on exactly that topic. I just started a blog for him, which he speaks about these issues;

      1. Tzuki is said to give advice. And antropomorphised – (HINT: no cat would invite another one for a drink or hire a body guard). It is not about the real cat.

      2. Your wrong about the drink. There are countless times I have seen my cats walk into the house with a stranger, had a munch and a drink and left again. I have hundreds of stories from readers, all relating the same types of stories.
        It’s similar to when a cat brings a dead animal into the house. The cat is bringing food to what they consider to be their family. We of course react with horror and revulsion, however the sentiment is still there. Cats are a social animals. πŸ™‚

      3. Of course cats are social animals, I just thought the cat of a friend of mine an anomaly when it came to sharing her food with a stranger! That happens often??? Now I am amazed!

    2. Sorry you took it that way, certainly not the intention at all. The joke’s just Tsuki being completely clueless and arrogant about how gorgeous he thinks he is (cause he’s a cat), and the girl cat is just ignoring him & isn’t impressed. She didn’t really “get” a bodyguard, because she doesn’t even acknowledge Tsuki’ existence. Shilo’s just around cause he lives there and is thus barking at Tsuki who thinks he must be bodyguard. It’s kiiiiiind of like Pepe Le Pew (a cartoon I assume you also wouldn’t like) except that Tsuki’s just ignored no matter what he does because he’s full of himself and not worth her time. Which was the feminist point: guys like that aren’t worth your time ladies. Though, anything from cartoons to movies to a quote can be contorted into whatever people’s p.o.v.’s are I suppose. Everyone has an opinion, especially cats πŸ˜‰

      1. I got it that the lady cat was not into him – and I would have laughed about those jokes just a year ago. But in times of pick up “artists” and their misogynistic view I really cannot laugh any more.

      1. Totally agree! Wish my friend had more time because we had a great idea of a nubzilla destroyer of peace cartoon XD. Just never found the time to do it :(. She is a perfectionist so drawing one scene takes her a long time ;o

      2. I think I have used that nagging allowance up for the next few months by getting her to finish some design for the merchandise I’ll send you some photos of soon πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks Marc-Andre πŸ™‚ Hopefully Tsuki will figure out how to properly woo a lady before Valentine’s Day, lol πŸ˜‰ I love following Katzenworld too!

      1. Haha, yeah, poor Tsuki. He’s so clueless πŸ˜‰ But there might be hope if he can just stop licking his luscious fur!

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