Sunday Night Recovery

OP & Boris
The nip-mice were all put away. The countless drained bottles of cream, into the recycling. It was now time to get ready for the busy week ahead.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Night Recovery”

  1. I want to know what my Diavolo (the black one) is doing on a bed at your house. I’ve accused him of being an alien from outer space so he must have used his transporter at some time today. He was out a lot. He sleeps exactly like that.
    Does yours weigh 15 lbs (not sure what that is in kilos)?

      1. Yup, looks like we are sharing a cat. Although I seem to have him more. It is 8:20am here on the west coast and he’s sleeping (or seems to be) in the floor at the moment.

  2. Monday comes too soon for those who squander their way with ‘nip and heavy cream! They need to pay attention to what their elders do. (Oh, their elders hit the ‘nip mousies and heavy cream, too, in a regular debauch? Tsk! Tsk! The authorities will sniff you out for sure!)

  3. Drunk on cream. There’s nothing like a few too many White Russians. Can I borrow a few aspirin and several cups of β˜•οΈfrom someone? Oh, sorry. I thought you saw the YouTube video from my weekend trip. No, I did not see those felines at the bar.

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