A Birding Haiku

Boris & Peanut
Birds in Florida
laugh at cats waiting in snow
atop a birdhouse.

by Floridaborne

Floridaborne AKA Joelle LeGendre has the first four FREE chapters of her fantastic comedy/romance Sci-Fi book Atto Run: The first Level of Hell, posted on her website. Click on Atto Run for a peak.

9 thoughts on “A Birding Haiku”

  1. Cute and sweet. The birdies on the street refer to this as, “The Cat House.”

    (No, these kitties are NOT like that, the birds are angry and simply trying to discredit Tom’s felines.)

    Sweet Haiku, and the book is a fun read. Better get ready for Book #2. Many of us will be knocking on your door for a sequel/adventure. 😘

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