The CATB Unit

Dust Bunny: “OK let’s head back. It’s chow time.”
Saphie: “We’ve lost Boris!”
Tsuki: “Remember our motto, “We never leave a cat behind.”

(Can you find Boris?)

39 thoughts on “The CATB Unit”

  1. It looks like Boris is in the bushes. It seems the phrase “…walking through the snow with a cat behind!” does not have the same double entendre quality as “…walking through the snow with a bear behind!”

  2. Of course I spotted Boris….he’s right here on my lap having used his transporter and become Diavolo for a few hours….ha, ha.
    Yup, spotted him in the bushes right behind Dust Bunny.
    Of course I have had people tell me I could see a cat on Mars with the naked eye.

      1. At first I thought he was way back by that tree, just like Rasma! I think he’d be too small in relation to the house back there, but I was hoping he had taken off on his own just to bug his brothers.

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