Let The Countdown Begin!

Sphinx: “38 days, 1 hour and 46 minutes until spring. Grrrr.”

46 thoughts on “Let The Countdown Begin!”

      1. There’s snow in Australia where I live. And to franhunne4u, the wildlife is doing just fine (I know from personal experience – I’m living with an abundance of it). πŸ™‚

      1. I adopted two cute ones, that is true – but one was at the shelter for 4 months already, and despite being only 6 months when getting there nobody showed interest in him. And the other one was so shy, she stayed a year at that shelter and I adopted her when she was 19 months. But they are REALLY cute – you saw one on Katzenworld a few weeks ago, the cat in the shower (with umbrella – you see, despite being neutered he uses protection) and the other one is my avatar on the Guardian website, if you search on there for franhunny …

      2. Not that they stop playing, but they do not get quite so aggressive. And then there is Paul … Paul is the Tom of a friend, neutered and played with a lot – and still he is aggressive like hell.

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