Tail Thermometer

Legend has it that the “poofiness” of a cat’s tail is in direct relation to the temperature.
“Honey, is it cold out?”
“According to Butternut it’s about minus 20.”

42 thoughts on “Tail Thermometer”

  1. We got a whopping 4 inches of snow last night (I realize that’s nothing compared to you folks up north, but it’s quite a lot to a coastal Virginia city!) and I let Toby out this afternoon in it – he refused touch the snow and hugged the house under the bushes where the ground was snow-free. You must breed cold-hardy cats up there cause they don’t seem to mind it!

      1. Well, the long-haired “MaineCoone”breed is an adjustement from the “normal” house-cat of that region. That is where the breed stems from – some long-haired cats that could more easily cope with snow and cold, therefor survived in bigger numbers and had their genes passed on as a consequence. At least – that is what I read somewhere.

      1. Hier in Deutschland messen wir Kรคlte in Zentimeter – jedenfalls die mรคnnliche Hรคlfte der Bevรถlkerung. Die Grobeinteilung ist
        cold – kalt
        fucking cold – eiskalt
        freezing cold – scheiรŸkalt
        Bei dem letzteren ist man vermutlich bei 0 Zentimetern … Wenn es noch kรคlter wird, sind es Minus-Zentimeter …
        Bei den Damen sind es Milimeter – und im Gegensatz zu den Herren nimmt da die Zahl zu, je kรคlter es wird … ich sag nur Nippel-Alarm.

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