Chub-Chub on Sharing

Chub-Chub: “What are you complaining about? I offered you half of my mouse. If you want, a morsel slipped under the fridge.”

29 thoughts on “Chub-Chub on Sharing”

      1. Actually, how I came to be called Catman is not really a very nice story. A long long time ago, back when I was a sophomore in high school, there was this cool kid who was a senior, but he would hung out with us younger brass players. Most of the boys my age worshiped this guy, probably the reason he would hang out with us, but I didn’t like him.

        He liked to talk about how he hated cats and how he would torture them. I always took exception to his tales of torture, and he started calling me Catman. I was used to being called names and being teased for being tall and skinny, keeping snakes and not running with the crowd (I never put up with kids who where cruel to animals, mean to less fortunate people and/or destroyed other people’s property; therefore, I never had a lot of friends), so I paid little attention to his taunting and teasing me about liking cats, but I always called him out when he talked about torturing them.

        One day we ended up alone together in a practice room and he made some remark to me about cats, and before he knew what happened, I slammed him up against the wall and held him where he could barely breath. I told him it was fine to call me Catman, but if I ever got word of him actually torturing animals, especially cats, he would disappear, never to be found. I dropped him and he crumpled on the floor shaking and trying to catch his breath as I walked out of the room.

        He continued to call me Catman after that, but was never quite the same cool when I was around. He never said another word against cats that I heard, and he also made sure he was never alone with me again. He was killed in a car accident a couple of years later.

        Now that I know about the classic characteristics of psychopaths and serial killers, that dude exhibited most of those characteristics. Besides talking about torturing animals, he was a pyromaniac, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a bedwetter, as well.

  1. But hey, cats share all the time. My Tom shares his body heat with me – very welcome in cool nights like these. My two share laughs every day. I get portions of purr measured out with maximum generosity. And mostly they like to share the litter from the litterbox with me – that is to be found all over the place …

      1. I want the toothpick one of chub chub so I will try and download it too. I must have both. Sharing and toothpick. Chub chub Gheddo gets a dual 7 by 5 frame.

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