Friday At The Office

DSC_5066 (3)
Puck: “I have read the manual in every language and I still can’t get this PRINTER TO WORK!…I need a shot of cream.”

43 thoughts on “Friday At The Office”

  1. I just bought a new computer with Windows 8….it hasn’t arrived yet but I’m sure from what I have heard I’ll need something a bit stronger than cream….or maybe that should be Bailey’s Irish Cream. But since I don’t drink alcohol it will have to just be a double shot of espresso!

    And yes, when all else fails….check the power cord….and make sure the surge protector is turned on.

  2. The printer at my job keeps going on the fritz practically every single day.. But that’s what happens when you have a printer that is at least a dozen years old that is used to print out several hundred pages on a daily basis. One of these days it’s going to go belly-up for good.

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