Orca Poetry Contest!

Orca Poem
Contest time! Write a poem for this picture of Orca in the snow and you could win a Zen Mug from Cats at the Bar.
Floridaborne and I have collaborated on hundreds of poems, now it’s your turn! Just write a poem, in any style you like, we’ll pick the best one and post it here with your name for all to see. Fun right?
To enter, send an email to catsatthebar@outlook.com title it ‘Poetry contest’ (Only emails will be accepted)
Contest ends Saturday February 28th at midnight EST. Winner will be announced March 1st. Good Luck!
The coveted Zen Mug, designed by Elayne Griffith, from the  Cat-toons series.
DSC_0137 (2)

17 thoughts on “Orca Poetry Contest!”

  1. Me win a Zen mug for poetry? Fat chance! Same thing goes for captions. Looking forward to see the winning poem, though, especially with distinguished judges like Floridaborne and TvKapherr, you can’t go wrong! 😀

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