OH NO! Blaze Is Coming!

The wonderful world of Cat-toons is going to have a new member. From the wacky imagination of Elayne Griffith the mischievous kitten Blaze is going get everyone into trouble!


20 thoughts on “OH NO! Blaze Is Coming!”

  1. Okay, so next to orange marmalade and torties, tuxedo cats are my favorites (who am I kidding? all coats color/patterns are my favorite!). Can’t wait for the adventures of Blaze!!

  2. OMGosh, my beautiful, beloved ‘stash-cat’, tuxedo wearing feline is coming to the big screen! Life is complete. Thank you Elayne, kisses and hugs to you, Blaze and Mr. ‘Chubs’. ❤️☕️😘

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