a Whale of a Haiku

DSC_5116 (2)
Named after a whale,
Orca strives to overcome
being called seafood.

by floridaborne

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57 thoughts on “a Whale of a Haiku”

      1. Infodumping:
        “Cats, like dogs and many other animals, have a tapetum lucidum, which is a reflective layer behind the retina that sends light that passes through the retina back into the eye.” Aunt Wiki knows it all.
        “Variation in color of cats’ eyes in flash photographs is largely due to the reflection of the flash by the tapetum.”

  1. That happened to my cat before I remembered to use the “pet portrait” setting on my camera! Yes, it has a pet portrait setting. One for food (human food, cat food etc) too. One of the many reasons I hate to use a flash…the cat version of red eye tends to be turquoise eye.
    And no it did not come with a book on digital photography for dummies.
    But it does have all of these settings I never use.
    Maybe the class at the local college on “getting out of auto mode” would be useful.

  2. Orca and Blaze have contacted me for airfare. ✈️ They told me they’d like to discover a warmer climate. (Please don’t tell them we have icy roads right now.)

    I’d promise to trade my grey/brown tabby and my orange and white tabby, but that would be a false promise. And, NO! you cannot have Hannah the yellow Lab. I will offer you a ransom, though. Name your price. 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

    It would be heavenly to own three Tuxedos.

      1. So what, you guys think in big distances, don’t you? And just think it is only a third of the distance per cat, as you get to get rid of THREE at once 😛

      2. Get the kitties to earn their kibbles – you are frozen over, so they should be able to do it Husky-style. (NOT to be confused with doggy-style!! REALLY … )

      3. Remind me to never ride with you. 😉

        I can’t even imagine. We have plans to travel Dallas to Northern California, spacing it out as a three day travel each way. Of course, we bring the doggie with us, and that will slow us a bit. But tell me Tom, didn’t you want to enjoy the scenery? A land speed record only leaves you time for nosebleeds and pit stops. 🙀

      4. I’d like to see the look on the patrol officers face when Tom tries to explain, “Officer, I’m on a secret mission.” Then suddenly the three Tuxedo cats start crawling out from under the seats.

        (It may not be a trip into the station, but one to the psych center.)

        It’s best he just fess up, “Officer, there’s this old lady in Texas, she collects Tuxedo cats. I made a grave error allowing her to view pictures of them. She’s talking, ‘ransom’…it’s obvious this lady is a bit uneven. Can you help me out?”

      5. Tom and his newly found friend, Officer Tom Jones, are discussing strange cat people, land speed records, and the price of smoked sardines. Shaking their heads, and trying to get a grip on what was really happening in their universe, they were quickly interrupted by the three anxious felines. One hung upside down from the headliner of the Mack, another purred loudly into the CB radio, while the third went all Iron Chef frenetic, slapping together tuna fish sandwiches.

        (Stay tuned, this insanity may never end…)

      6. Oh, we found a way out of that car-speeding-limit – just use a sleigh – with the winter having the US so firmly in its grip, what can go wrong with the cats doing it Husky-style?

      7. Oh Sweetie, they would be buried beneath the mass; I dare not think. No, our little ones are safe along the highway, munching tuna fish sandwiches, while Tom and Officer Tom are discussing how the world is changing. Little do they know what is about to occur….stay tuned. The plot thickens.

      8. LOL! At the speed limit? You must consume more coffee than I do. That means you’ll need rest stops. Gas and coffee refills. You’re one heck of a speed meister. Drive safely. You’re driving MY new cats to their new home. I cannot afford to worry, remember, I’m not some young whipper-snapper. 😘

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