Tsuki In Repose

20140208_144903_HDR_1 - Copy
Welcome to Tummy Rub Tuesday. I’m dedicating this post to our friends over at Katzenworld. Every Tuesday they do TRT with lots of great cats. And don’t forget to send in a TRT shot of your own!

17 thoughts on “Tsuki In Repose”

      1. Know that you remind me! No it hasn’t arrived… What day did you post it again? I know it can take up to 6 weeks sometimes. Last time my aunt sent me a Christmas present from Vancouver it got her in time for my birthday in February =.=’ so that was even longer…

      2. Hmmmm that’s odd! I’ll keep an eye out. And that reminds me I need to ship some stuff to you 🙂 key rings are up and running and mugs samples finally arrived ^^

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