Wordless Wednesday

DSC_0022 (2)
Cats at the Bar presents its version of American Gothic. The exhibition (the refrigerator) is open to the public. Simply fly to Quebec and cat-sleighs are available for hire to bring you to the museum.

37 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. That look says “would you just take the picture and get it over with”.
    Often captured by my father in family pictures in the 1960’s….he took forever and didn’t even had a camera with a focus knob!

      1. As a photographer I have learned when photographing people or animals be as fast as you possibly can and save the time for landscapes…something that can’t give you that “look”! Although landscapes are also constantly changing (ie: Sunrise or sunset).

      1. Shh – don’t betray me, you know, I am German – I am not even allowed to be funny. When the authorities find out I get expelled and lose my job, my home and my nationality …

      2. I only get my pension when no disciplinary action has been taken on against me – otherwise I might lose even that. And humour is so UNGERMAN, I might face a trial for treason.

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