With Friends Like This…

DSC_0020 (2)
Puck: “Don’t move! There’s a multi-legged creature on your face!”

32 thoughts on “With Friends Like This…”

  1. O my,if I see this I think that Puck means that the bug on Tsuki’s face,Tsuki’s face is.But””””lovely””””” photo.Have an awseome day there.Greetings

      1. He certainly looks like he could have Russian blue or British blue in him! When I finally get around to visiting Canada I shall have to stop by and meet you and the army of cats haha

      2. Quebec is at it’s best from late June until end of September. Especially September for the Fall colours! In in shorts and a Tshirt by end of April, but for many that’s too cold. (Just ask floridaborne, she came beginning of June and I think there were only 2 days she felt warm) Meanwhile I’m sweating my ass off at the Equestrian park taking pictures. πŸ˜€

      3. Haha! I don’t think anything feels warm in comparison to Florida! Ever since I went to Orlando for a few months when I was a kid everything else feels cold. I also had the worst sunburn possible I think… Was only able to sleep lying on my belly with arms stretched out 😦

  2. Puck “Ooops … Uh … My bad … ” (takes off running)
    Tsuki (shakes head furiously) “I know what I mean by ‘Oops’! And that wasn’t it!” (takes off after Puck.

  3. Puck was not too happy with Tsuki at that moment, was he. (Happens in my house also.) The instagram picture on the right – was that a before or after shot?

    BTW, I do believe you are correct about some Russian Blue in Puck – he looks quite a bit like my Russian Blue, Taz.

  4. I see these little melodramas here too. I wondered if Tsuki followed up and I see from the other comments she did. I had to laugh about at the bit Florida and cold. I have several relatives born in Quebec who moved to Florida later in life to get away from winter. They all ran the air conditioning on max until I couldn’t stand the cold inside

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