Orca Poetry Contest Winners!

Orca Poem
The contest was, “Write a poem for this picture of Orca in the snow and you could win a Zen Mug from Cats at the Bar.”
To everyone who entered our poetry contest, thank you so much! We loved them all. It was an incredibly difficult task to select a winner, and we failed miserably. So, we are pleased to announce 5 winners!!! Here they are in no particular order:
Ritu Bhathal for ‘Orca’s Limerick’
Martha Magenta for ‘Friend’
Kristine Brown for ‘Anticipation’
Cathy Behnke for ‘Orca’s Dream’
Melody Cary for ‘The Tea Party Guest’

To read the poems visitΒ Orca Poetry ContestΒ  I’ll be posting one each day;
Here is Ritu’s poem from the wonderful blogΒ But I Smile Anyway
Orca the black and white cat,
Went out without a hat.
Stepped in the snow,
And before you know,
Orca got a cold…Drat!

24 thoughts on “Orca Poetry Contest Winners!”

  1. Congratulations to all the winners!
    Ritu, sweet poem, and yes, most likely he was wondering why he left the house without a hat (chances are, Blaze, wouldn’t loan it to him). 😘

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