Sunday Funnies

From the wonderful imagination of Elayne GriffithΒ we start a new series of Cat-toons, staring our ever precocious kitten, Blaze.

DSC_0041 (3)

31 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies”

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    My cat used to flour the kitchen floor like comet and pull tissue out of tissue boxes one at a time to help carpet the floor. I have fond memories of, Tabitha, that Siamese chocolate tip I had for 19 plus years .

  2. Oh my gosh! My precious ‘stache’ baby has hit fame and stardom…but how could he fail? One look at his enchanting face, his sweet purple cap, and Miss Elayne set us forth on the newest of adventures. I love this! I love the baby! I love Miss Elayne for crafting a ‘toon around Blaze!

  3. Reblogged this on CoffeeGrounded's Blog and commented:
    Just look at his face. Take one single look! I know, your heart melted; didn’t it?

    I’ve wanted to adopt this baby from the first time I set eyes upon him. He’s got a case of milk breath, tied up in a little, bitty bow!

    I need an eight-by-ten glossy, heck, I need a mural! How could anyone see that face and not be reminded of all that is good in life?

    I rest my case. Let’s follow this little fur-baby into his world of antics. Elayne Griffith is an amazing, talented artist. She wrapped her heart and her paint colors around the aura of Blaze. Come, let’s enjoy the romp.

    Thank you For charting these new waters, Elayne! ❀️ And an extra special thanks goes out to the folks at,
    They operate a rescue, no kill shelter out of Montreal, Canada. Blaze is one of their rescues. My gratitude to Tom, his wife and daughter, for their love and generosity.

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