Orca Poetry Contest Winners

Orca Poem
Each day we’re posting the five winning poems from the contest
Today’s winning poem is from Martha Magenta. You can see more of her work at marthamagenta.blogspot.com .To see all the winning poems go to http://wp.me/P499kC-1Nd

For the brief time I’ve known you,
aloof, independent and cool,
I’ve never known if I need you,
but you are no one’s fool.

You come and go as you see fit,
disappear for hours on end,
I worry so I lose my wits,
What a way to treat a friend?

There are moments of affection.
Without you I would pine.
Am I an object in your world?
Whose need is greater – yours or mine?

And now you’re here with me again,
aloof and nonchalant.
I wonder if you’ll stay this time,
I wonder what you want?

I try to please you, feed you
with your favourite dish,
with menus à la carte gourmet,
and all your favourite fish.

Then you disappear all night,
filling me with dread,
I’m so relieved when I wake to see,
you’re curled up on my bed.

7 thoughts on “Orca Poetry Contest Winners”

  1. Excellent! Somehow I believe you met him in a former life. You know each and everyone of his tricks, and you still fret. True love; it never dies, it just ‘disappears’ for awhile. Kudos; job well done!

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