There’s Something in The Air

DSC_0129 (2)
Dust Bunny: “Snot crisper cold.”

32 thoughts on “There’s Something in The Air”

    1. Germans are not the most snow-used persons – at least not here in the North. The Southerns a little more. This winter we had next to none – and yes you can keep it in Canada, thank you very much.

      1. Nor in recent years for that matter… Yeah for global warming! I remember that one winter with record temperatures in the double digits (as in warm!!!) lol

      1. Fear nothing, he’s arriving direct. DFW baggage handlers could use a little scratch and bite. They’ve managed to ruin a few suitcases and have also been videotaped stealing from people’s luggage. They deserve a few moments of Dust Bunnies time, oh, and just wait, you’ll be reading about the damage I inflict upon them if they hurt my best bud. Front page news, New York Times. No one messes with my kin. No one!

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