Eastern Townships Geographic – The Tundra Kitty

DSC_0061 (2)
The Canadian Tundra Kitty hibernates deep in the heart of snowbanks. The scout, or sucker, having drawn the short whisker, can, by angling her whiskers either up or down, send a clear message of danger to the others.
In this case, “Other then us, who would live here?… All clear.”

45 thoughts on “Eastern Townships Geographic – The Tundra Kitty”

  1. I got all wound up, I’d never heard of a Tundra kitty. I was prepared to exit this and head over to Mr. Google’s place to do a search.

    Shame on you, Tom. Fur shame, fur shame, and as we say in Texas, “Fer shame!”

    1. OH NO! Hee Hee. I get at least one person every time I do an Eastern Township Geographic. The minute you add the word ‘Geographic’ it looks legitimate. Last summer I did one titled Eastern Townships Geographic – The Grey Panther. It was a picture of one of the kittens in a tree. One person in Russia thought it was real and the post went viral in Russia. πŸ˜€

      1. LOL! Let me share with you our annual high school prank. Grapevine and the city of Colleyville, TX., share an Independent School District (GCISD). Grapevine’s High School mascot is the Mustang horse, Colleyville High School’s mascot is the Panther. Without fail, each Fall there are “known” sightings of a black panther in areas around Grapevine. The town newspaper reporters are quick to print the sightings locations.

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