Orca Poetry Contest Winners

Orca PoemThis is the third winning poem from our poetry contest.
Congratulations to Kristine Brown for ‘Anticipation’
You can see more of Kirstine at crumpledpapercranes.com
To see all of the poems, visit: http://wp.me/P499kC-1Nd

obtuse, acute.
an equilateral rests
upon my steady chest.
everyone’s told me
one day, my time’ll come.
I’ll prowl upon canvasses,
calendar dreams.
tossing my joy in frost’s kissed air,
I’ll breach in the vast tessellation
that is water always pretending –
coconut cotton candy.

but something waits afar.
the gift of grandmothers’
afternoon artistry and
cardinals at war
with bluejays chirping just as loud
as my paws can bounce
between these blinding waves.
I need not a raft,
but simply, a fish
that I’ll dissect, my teeth intact,
while a burlap tongue licks in contentment –
my yawn, wider than Keiko’s.

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