The Stranger

DSC_0059 (3)
The dark stranger approached and a hush fell over the crowd. The tension was as thick as a hair ball horked into a bowl of porridge.

20 thoughts on “The Stranger”

  1. Were you hiding outside trying to take photos of those two as they were discussing business? I’d hurl a big grassy one toward you and then fly like the wind!
    Shame on you. There is no place for them to hide from your third eye; the lense.⚠️

      1. It’s a great line! One of those sentences that makes a person snort tea through their nose from laughing so hard.

        Even with the boys (2 coon cats) I often find hairballs in inconvenient places ( on the bed, under my foot, etc.) It’s the occasional cat head drinking tea inside a styrofoam cup that completely mystifies me.

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