Orca Poetry Contest Final Winner

Orca Poem
This is the fifth and final winner of the poetry contest. Congratulations to Melody Cary for ‘The Tea Party. You can see more of Melody’s work at www.3spotblog.blogspot.com  I warn you now, this is tissue alert!

In spring and summer he went the long way round
And so his path was unknown.
But winter’s snow covered grass and all familiar footfalls
And so his path became clear to all.

In spring and summer his trips were unnoticed
And nobody questioned where he went.
But winter has revealed a road well-traveled by delicate paws
And so their curiosity was peaked.

They followed the path under tree and around bush
Sometimes uncertain if it was still the right one.
They followed the path to the back of a house
And there sat the cat in his suit.

He sat on a small tree stump, patiently waiting
Gazing up at the little blue house.
A larger stump was beside it, and a circle of smaller ones around it
A meeting place, but for whom?

The snow leading up to the house was untouched
But still the cat watched intently.
They stared at the house and then at the cat
And decided he was just crazy.

The door opened then and a young woman stepped out
Dressed in pajamas and boots.
“Is that your cat?” she called out to them
And they confirmed with some hesitation.

Forgetting her pajamas, she ran to them
Kicking up flurries of snow.
She threw her arms around each of them briefly
Thanking them over and over.

Her little girl had been sick with cancer
With little time left in this life.
The cat started coming early last spring
Just after the news arrived.

Her little girl had hosted tea parties
With stuffed guests.
Her father had set up the stump table and chairs
For his precious little girl.

Her little girl had a live guest one day
A cat in a black tuxedo.
She poured him some of her special clear tea
Which he lapped up delicately.

Her little girl went out for tea every day
With a cat in a black tuxedo.
Sometimes she brought him special treats
But the cat didn’t care either way.

Her little girl had joy once again
Because of one little cat.
But sometimes joy just isn’t enough
And sometimes things happen between summer and winter
And sometimes parents have to bury their daughter
And sometimes a tea party guest is left waiting through winter.


18 thoughts on “Orca Poetry Contest Final Winner”

  1. !!!!!(the love button again)….it’s hard to type through my tears. A lovely neighbor tuxedo cat helped ease my pain at the loss of my tuxedo Lili last June. I’m forwarding this to my aunt who is also a poet.

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