Day 112

DSC_0062 (2)
Orca: “112 days of snow. I must say this IS getting a bit much.”

30 thoughts on “Day 112”

  1. My “First Snow” blog showed 1/4 inch. I may have been exaggerating. That was also the “last” snow! Yes, it is laughable! In the 60’s again today. I lived in the distant past in New England so I understand your pain to some degree. No snow photos of my cats in the snow forthcoming. The question is whether you are going to be roasted alive in the summer! I do enjoy snow cat photos.

      1. Yes. It is just in the Guardian I read an article about the draught in Southern Cali. So any kind of precipitation will be very welcome there.

  2. Orca, snowstorms are few here in North Texas. And, the mom is in this house really doesn’t encourage the two outdoor cats to venture out (she is very careful about our outside ventures in the heat of the summer too). Would you like to venture down for a visit, scope out the neighborhood and get to know our family? I’ve built up a huge amount of frequent flier miles by using my dads AMEX card to purchase kibble and toys for myself and my three feline pets. Just go to the ticket agents desk at A/A and give her your name. No need to take a cab when you arrive, I know how to drive my moms car.

  3. Heard on the weather news today where only 25% of the USA is covered in snow this week., compared with 50% last. Must mean you are only 97% snow-covered this week in Canada! LOL! ([Cheap Canada joke by insensitive American….!]

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