A Giant Possum

DSC_0049 (2)
Possum had gone a bit overboard on his new “Bulk-up” program. His only option was to sleep on the roof of the house.

43 thoughts on “A Giant Possum”

      1. I thought so, but I got all shook up, non-Elvis style, and wondered why we were seeing posts of our dear ‘departed’ leader. That Voo-Doo did a number on me.

        (Do you want to pull the pins out of my doll?)

        Pardon me. I need my blood pressure medicine.

      1. Oh that’s okay. I’m just an ignorant, transplanted Texan. We call those kind of fellas, “Out to pasture.”
        My goodness, I thought the sweet angel was dead. I was about to go all crazy on you.

  1. That’s an awfully fluffy tail for a “possum”. I have some experience with those creatures….one actually came in my cat window and ate the cat food when I lived in North Carolina. Had to get a broom and chase him out. (or her).

  2. I dream to be there… I would be crazy with all these lovely cats… Possum kisses for you 🙂 Enjoy in snow land! Thank you dear Tom, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

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