Eastern Townships Geographic – Tundra Chub-Chub

DSC_0193 (3)
Legend has it, the Tundra Chub-Chub hates to get wet. It represents the possibility that they might get clean. Through evolution, they have developed incredible speed, giving them the ability to dodge snowflakes.

35 thoughts on “Eastern Townships Geographic – Tundra Chub-Chub”

      1. Dang, you’ll be wide-eyed and bushy-tailed! Forget the Wall Street Journal, or that Fort Worth Star Telegram, I’m pouring my cup of hot joe and going for the, Chub-Chub Cat Chat News!

      2. Yes, if you’re going down ‘that’ road, but I wasn’t implying anything off-color, but if it was understood as such, my apologies to any, and all that I offended, especially Tom’s wife and his daughter.

  1. I too want the Chub-Chub Cat Chat Morning News 😀 … (well, maybe here in the other half of this round world, evening news).
    Fantastic kitty and fantastic shot ❤

  2. Chub-Chub … I have some of those whose speed are deceptionally amazing. Cats never do cease to make me wonder if there is more to life than we know it. But of course there is! LOL

      1. I’ve noticed a phenomenon with cats that even when sleeping, that cats’ face does not come out clear. Say what? But true. And yes, getting a cat come in clear when in motion …. SO not easy. Yours was truly a genius shot! You should be proud of yourself!

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