A Blazing Sunday

“A well spent Sunday is sleeping through it.”

58 thoughts on “A Blazing Sunday”

      1. We call them “Cat Magnet Blankets”. We get the fake wool ones that come wrapped in little sheep from Costo. All the kitties love the blankets, and Spunk likes to “kill” the sheep and then proudly carry them around by their noses to show off is sheeting hunting skills.

      2. Do you remember the sofa-sized, velvet paintings from the 70’s? I remember the popular themes were tropical sunsets, animals in the jungle, or weird looking naked women all in glowing blacklight, florescent colors. I’ll bet the cats would love those old relics!

      1. It’s going to be the feature image for next week! (Rory blaze but my editor already received this week’s post for proof reading XD – so glad to have her with all my usual spelling mistakes 😦 XD )

      2. LOL. I know! My partner used to be an English teacher and won’t touch my stuff either haha. He’ll do an occasional food review but gets nightmares of the thought having to check my writing πŸ˜‰

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