A St. Patrick’s Day’s Limrick

DSC_0034 (2)A
There once was a kitten named Grey
who ordered the snow, “Go away!”
Instead it decided
to come uninvited
and the white stuff dumped out till May.

This blarney is from Floridaborne
You can read more of it at https://rantingalong.wordpress.com/

33 thoughts on “A St. Patrick’s Day’s Limrick”

      1. Yuck! It’s way to late in the season for that. And all those cold kitty feet looking for warm-blooded human furniture to warm them up.

  1. I guess now would not be a good time to tell you that it’s 78 degrees in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? I’m wearing shorts and taking a break from mowing the yard. Floridaborne is probably sunbathing and sipping on freshly squeezed orange juice.

    By the way, that kitty is freezing and wants to know if he can head south to climb trees and eat lizards? Oh, I almost forgot this item, the flowering trees are in bloom, as are the daffodils.
    Should I go away now? I can’t. Just need to mention one last thing. The Limrick is as adorable as the cat.

      1. 😉

        I did. I went back outside and worked the backyard. I had to mow. They are predicting rain, off and on, for the next seven days. We are in a severe drought and need the moisture.

      2. Good job. I would be more than happy to share some of our water with you. Just bring buckets and visit the Ohio River, but be careful. When it’s flooding it is not a friendly river.

  2. Love the limerick, feel so sorry about the snow. We got more than I wanted, and now are facing flooding. Not sure which is worse. Only 1 life lost during snow, 9 so far in the flooding. Just answered my own question.

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