Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day one year ago. It seems not a lot has changed.

Cats at the Bar

St. Patty

From all of us at CATB…and from Tsuki too, if he weren’t already passed out.

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20 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

      1. Yep I still need my hands haha

        P.S: the parcel note I had was annoyingly just printer cartridges 😦 we are subscribed to auto re-delivery of those which I forgot. Damn the postman that misplaced the parcel from you :X

      2. Thank you ❤ and yes tell me about it regarding annoying. Postal systems suck at times… I'm due to do some shipments this weekend so will pack some stuff for you at last! 🙂

      3. Maybe we should ask the cats to deliver stuff instead! 😮 in Japan the post logo is a cat carrying her kitten – certainly a much more caring image 🙂

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