Chub-Chub Haiku Contest

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Chub-Chub: “HEY! My contest is still going. Write a haiku about me and you could win one of three prizes from Cats at the Bar.”

To enter, send an email to title it โ€˜Haiku contestโ€™ (Only emails will be accepted)

Chub-Chub now has her own page!

Contest ends Saturday March 21st, at midnight EST. Winners will be announced March 22nd.

26 thoughts on “Chub-Chub Haiku Contest”

      1. Oh dear! Like I don’t have enough to do! I actually shortend some drapes and made curtains for some windows and so far they have remained both clean and tear free. Really. LOL

      2. Nice! I plan on putting up my new tripod to shoot out some windows getting the birds that have just begun to come back. At least that is the plan … with me, that can change on a dime. MOL!

      3. OMKATS! You are too funny! I am laughing so hard because you have no idea how I can relate. I used to be so neat and organized and when I set out to do something I did it. Now? Gee, like I fy by the seat of my pants and what I was going to do, is forgotten when something else comes along, and having the Life I do, I’m the last to know what is coming my way. Hehehehehehe

      4. I’ve been known to run out barefoot in mud and snow because I see shot I cannot wait to get proper clothes on. In pj’s? Yep that too. One year a neighbor made fun of me using a black umbrella to create shade for a flower I was shooting and I just stood there looking at her, and more or less telling her she does not know what she is talking about. Now when she sees me half dresed running around with my camera, she now states how “serious” I am about my work. Hehehehehehe Yep it does seem we have met kindred souls in the other. ๐Ÿ˜€ Speaking of slippers, I went flying out the door one year with slippers on and darn if my feet did not go flying out from under me on the stairs. All I could think of was OH NO MY CAMERA and to this day I don’t know how I did it, but in slow motion, or so it seemed. I twisted in midair, catching on anything I could, and safely landed on soft dirt in one of my gardens. And yes, camera was safe and sound. LOL

      5. LMAO! Been there! Last year during the International it started to rain and rain hard. I really wanted the last horse and rider. I knew she was going to win and it was a beautiful horse. My rain gear of course, was in the car. I quickly took of my shirt, stuffed part of it under my hat and made a canopy over the camera. The stands were empty. The arena was only the horse, rider and a half naked photographer. And I wanted to shoot up at one particular jump, so kneeling in the mud as well. The shots were fantastic and she did in fact win. As we left the arena smiles on our faces, I passed the general manager of the equestrian park, dry under his umbrella and he said, “you have a job for life, if you live that long.” ๐Ÿ™‚

      6. There lays the difference between a man a woman. If a woman stripped she would be arrested (probably). You sound so much like me, who when sees a potential must have shot, doesn’t really think about self, but just, how do I get that shot? I really must practice getting action shots. I still have yet to do what I said I would, that is, carry around my small camera. I’m also dreaming of having my dream camera … the clarity on my Canon seems to be going a bit. Photography is expensive! And with all the mouths to be fed around here, guess who comes first? LOL

  1. Why does he look like he’s been in a fight… or wants to start one? Just askin’!


    Hey, I’ve emailed you on a facebook issue (sorry, but you’re my official guide to facebook). ๐Ÿ™‚

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