The Insomniac

DSC_0057 (2)
Bear Kit: “I’ve counted mice, kibble-bits, spiders, nothing works. I can’t get to sleep.”

48 thoughts on “The Insomniac”

      1. LOL, not a problem, my wife hates to be photographed, so it works out perfectly. No I don’t own any firearms. I believe in nonviolence.
        In the decades of taking pictures I have tried taking pictures of everything I could see. I learned that I like animals. Then I narrowed it down to cats and horses.
        Why cats and horse you ask? Believe it or not, they move very much the same way. Dogs I’m terrible at. I can never get them.
        I follow a number of photography blogs and love their work, be it a flower, a building, a dog and admire the talent and the love that goes into that shot.
        So now I come full circle. I shoot what I love, because if I do anything else, I will suck at it. πŸ™‚

      2. Sure! I told him I’d be his first: view, follower, like, and comment! He tried commenting on my blog without an account. I told him he could use the fundraiser email to comment. But the fundraiser doesn’t have wordpress, and it didn’t let him! So he might be getting a blog! I’ll comment you the website as soon as it is created!

  1. Insomniac? I was expecting to see a picture of me! πŸ™‚

    Yes…as I lie awake…I hear the loud roar and rumble of my beloved cat, ShΓ‘nti DeVai, snoring her little buttocks off!
    (There’s always a silver lining!)

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