It is Spring!

Monkey: “This is a dream sequence. It’s Canada after all and there’s still 4 feet of snow on the ground.”

42 thoughts on “It is Spring!”

      1. LONG story short … I had trained my cats to go outside. My neighbor collects junk and his back yard, acres worth, is filled with rusting you name it. Last summer our cat Rusty almost died from slicing his left back pad on something nasty. His leg was supposed to be amputated but we worked around the clock for almost 3 weeks combining Homeopathy, traditional meds, fluid pushes, and my nursing experience … giving it our everything to save not only his leg but his life. Today, Rusty has all 4 limbs and is THE number one cat with THE most energy being a stinker and then some. So, with that being said, no more outside, which gets me upset. It took me about 7 years to train my cats where boundaries are (and they complied believe it or not) in order for them to run free outside. It was always my dream to see my cats outside, but then tragedy struck. Rusty, our youngest, was feral, coming in and out of our home at will. Again, no more. He is now officially in the house, driving me nuts, and like I said, a real stinker. His energy is endless. The only time he is still is when he is sleeping. MOL!

      2. Terrible story. I’m glad it had a happy ending. I’m lucky that I live in farm and forest country. So I don’t have those problems. My cats happily go in and out at will. The only thing is at feeding time is seem to be feeding more then I’m supposed to. 😉

      3. When we first moved here, it was nothing but farmland. Little did we know though, that our farmer neighbor was a junk collector. It is frustrating and it is not fair to my cats, who LOVE to be outside, as well as you can imagine. And since we live just about in a balanced environment and have lots of ants, we never had a flea issue either. As for you feeding others other then yours, oh yes, I do that too. LOL *shakes head* We are both basket cases for cats! Peeps don’t realize the WORK involved. YIVEH! And the food cost! I only feed the best which is not cheap, yes even those who are not mine. I can’t imagine my Life without these cats in it though!

      4. Maybe you could build a safe outside area for your cats, you know something covered with chickenwire, so the cats cannot escape and still they may sense the wind and hear the birds and see the bugs and taste the one or other mouse …

      5. I have two indoor only cats, too – just those were still young when they were taken in, half a year old, so when I got them they only had spent their kittenhood in “freedom” – I am positive my tom does not miss outdoor much, my female – not so sure!

      6. After our huge scare last year, none of my cats care to even go outside anymore. Hard to believe when some of them that is all they wanted. Now? No. So, I’m not really sure if going to all the work on building a safe place for them would even be worth it. Lots of thinking to do on this …

      1. hehehe…let’s see if they grow first. I am trying Silvervine Cat nip seeds….they are exotic…Japanese catnip…it’s only an annual but cats that don’t get a thrill from normal catnip, get a thrill from silvervine….apparently.

      2. They are at Georgiavines…the seeds that is but they are expensive. 10 seeds for $20.00. If, I was you I would wait till I grow them and then I can send some seed to you.

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