An Artist’s Dream

DSC_4515 (2)

This is the artist’s dream:
“To receive the inspiration to create,
To share that creation with others,
And to be totally supported in the process.”

This is the last day of our Chub-Chub Haiku contest. Seeย for details.

26 thoughts on “An Artist’s Dream”

    1. I agree. It is difficult. As I make a large part of my income from event photography, I realize that for the most part, what I do can be done by anyone. My only advantage is my eye and quick reflexes. For poets, painters and others, it’s much more difficult. This is why I try to do these types of contests. To offer, in my small way, exposure. And who knows what might happen. Tomorrow I’m starting Cat Art. I’ll be inviting artists to submit their pieces and I will post them and create a gallery for them. I already did this on my equestrian blog and it’s doing very well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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