Cats at the Bar Presents, KITTY ART

drawing of matisse
Welcome to Kitty Art. This is a new feature dedicated to cat worshipers who love to draw, sketch or paint cats.
Our first piece was kindly presented by Rosemary Dawn Allison, titled; A Drawing of Matisse. You can see more of her wonderful work at
So, send us your piece and we’ll add it to our gallery and do a post on it.
Email us, with the title Kitty Art, to Tom at

31 thoughts on “Cats at the Bar Presents, KITTY ART”

  1. Oh my kats!! Beautiful sketch! The human loves to draw and paint – (watercolors, acrylic, pencil and colored pencil – charcoal….) She can rarely take the time now but she would love to contribute! *(And I’d be such a PURRFECT model)!* 😹

      1. Okay! I’ll hop up on the pantry shelf on top of her sketch pads and charcoal -just to give her a reminder! She doesn’t have to watch the Creature tomorrow since its Dad has the day off – (YESSSSSSSSSSSS)!- SO MAYBE if I give her some strong hints (and leave some nice black paw prints everywhere), she can start it tomorrow! 🐾🐾🐾🐾

  2. I love this idea! I love when a blog takes a side road and comes up with something that compliments their original blog. I did that with Sunday Evening Art Gallery. One way to put a couple of my idiosyncrasies together at once. Am looking forward to other’s art work here! Good luck!

  3. Reblogged this on The Lady GMLA and commented:
    I want a Kitty MOON picture. This is good sketching. Not to mention this guy is somebody I want to meet. This many cats and still in charge of his life? This is a strong head. Maybe met the entire family. People not cats. Parenting and/or Grand-parenting tips maybe.

      1. Ok I have three artists in mind and they may keep this busy for a while. One of them specialises in cat drawings (not the ones I use on my blog either!) 🙂

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