Chub-Chub Haiku Contest Winners

DSC_4682 (3)_marked
Without further ado here are the three winning Haikus. In no particular order. Thanks to everyone for entering and congratulations to the winners.

Bhakti Brophy of
Cat with orange nose
What a beauty to to behold
Cat with orange toes

Cathy Beneke
Mighty hunter cat,
Prowling through the winter snow.
Off runs the small mouse.

Leaping on the hunt,
A scent captures me mid-jump.
Morsel under toes.

31 thoughts on “Chub-Chub Haiku Contest Winners”

      1. Thank you.
        Re: my email…
        I made another mistake!
        (Hard to believe, I know!)
        : )
        I meant I say ORANGE with two syllables, Pete says it with one!


    1. Agreed. I was thinking that when I was reading them all!

      Mine is more of a literal visual interpretation. πŸ™‚

      They’re all beautiful and playful honoring
      lovely Chub Chub!

      1. Yikes, sorry, I thought Chub-Chub was a boy. Don’t know why, though.
        My Rory is a girl, but we named her when she was very tiny and she wasn’t as easy to sex as her sister.

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